Frames and Distance

While tracing 107 and 74, I noticed something interesting with the bottom of the pages. Both use panels to break down a scene. On page 74, Spiegelman uses the panels to mimic a window and zoom in on each family.74 bottom By doing so, the dark windows and curtains are removed, somewhat “opening” the scene and inviting the reader to learn more. Old Vladek fills in the 6th panel, breaking the flow to represent the two family members who were lucky enough to escape by chance.


Page 107 of Maus II also breaks down a scene into three separate panels, though in a very different way. Rather than close in and scrutinize the scene, Spigelman chooses to draw the scene from a distance, linking the panels together through text boxes and a continuous background.107 Bottom In the upper half of the page, the text focuses specifically on Vladek and Shivek which is probably why the last three panels look at all the prisoners and their shared fear.

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