Mapping Climate Changed

IMG_1980So, for this quick assignment, we were supposed to “map” a certain image/motif in Philippe Squarzoni’s comic Climate Changed. In this case, I decided to map out on a number line whenever the “human chimera of destruction” appears. Originally, I also mapped out whenever the images found in the chimera appear, such as cars, keyboards, food plates, etc. It was then that I realized that I had no idea how to work that into a graph and so I’ve cut it short to just the amalgamation.

Screenshot (2)_LI

As shown, the chimera of global destruction appears roughly 4 times in the comic. The first time it appears, Squarzoni leads up to it by talking about the destructiveness of consumerism. In it, each item that makes up the monstrosity appears. The chimera of consumerism is a clear antagonist towards climate change, though it appears to be ironically healthy and idealistic. Whenever the chimera appears again, it’s seen to be posing as an imminent threat to Squarzoni as he asks about the future of the climate.

I found this character to be interesting because of what it represents: the wasteful society in which we live in. By personifying this concept, Squarzoni create a clear representation of the issue, making the issues it brings more obvious. By doing so, he allows his argument against consumerism to be better understood, perhaps convincing the reader to be more aware of what they consume.

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