A Recap on the Adventure

I spent way too much time on this, but it was so worth it. Eng 101 was an adventure, so how could I not draw it as a dungeon map?! The numbers represent the Sunday sketches we had to do while the "boss icons" represent an essay or project. As for the chests, that's essentially... Continue Reading →

Mirrors, Hats and Glasses

So I chose to recreate a scene from Wonder Woman. I didn't have a sword on me, but I did happen to have a small mirror and black fedora. Therefore, I chose to do Diana's "English disguise." It would have been nice if the mirror was larger, but you gotta work with what you're given. Credits:... Continue Reading →

Stalking Myself

I never thought much about my daily routine. I'd just go through my day, do what I needed to do, probably procrastinate a lot, and so on. This week's sketch assignment forced my to actively be aware of certain things I did throughout my day. I chose to track a three things that I frequently... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on a Reflection

This assignment, by far, has the most stressful yet rewarding assignment. The writing process for my literacy narrative consisted of me turning emotions and memories into words. When we were told to think of a moment concerning literature, a vivid image of second grade popped into my head. I could see the narrative play out... Continue Reading →

Needle and Pasta

This definitely wasn't an easy sketch. From coming up with an idea, finding photos, and then editing them-- ouch! I came up with this idea when I was patching up my dad's shirt. At first I was thinking of doing a water bottle + rocket combophoto, only to think that sewing with pasta was a... Continue Reading →

The Tools Needed to Survive College

Wondering what you'll need to survive a day in college? Take a look into the backpack of Ann Felicia Sinsuan, a first-year college student at Emory: Laptop In these times, I don't know how anyone would survive without one!? How else are you supposed to watch your shows and play video games I mean type essays... Continue Reading →

Tracing Maus: A Reflection

Wow. This was a very interesting project. I really do appreciate going back and really knowing a page since you get to see things you didn't see the first time. For example, while tracing page 74 of Maus I, I noticed that the bottom half of the page was a recreation of the top and that... Continue Reading →

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